Robert Green: How to Audit Your Office CAD Use

CAD Manager Column: How to Audit Your Office CAD Use

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Greenowner of

"Use this process to fix problems and errors throughout your organization to keep work moving.

In the last edition of The CAD Manager’s Newsletter I mentioned having a great conversation with a couple of CAD managers and promised we’d cover one of the big topics we discussed. That topic is how to audit your CAD practices and optimize performance in the organization. The actual question asked was this:

Our management wants us to do an audit of our CAD use and practices and recommend how to make things better. So, how do we go about doing that?"

Topics include:
  • Start by Finding the Problems/Errors
  • Ask CAD Users Where The Problems Are
  • Ask Senior and Project Managers Where They Think The Problems Are
  • Ask IT if they see problems with CAD tool usage
  • Filter and Collate Your Answers
  • Eliminate Solution Bias
  • Propose Solutions
  • Wait and Communicate
  • Summing Up

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