I'm Still Here - theCADcafé "Status" Update

I'm Still Here - theCADcafé "Status" Update

For those who frequent this blog site... you have likely noticed that little content has been posted to the site for the past year+. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted everything for many of us (if not all of us) including myself. 

My primary work requirements shifted dramatically to supporting a remote workforce, implementing technologies to support this unique arrangement, including several new software deployments and associated training/support requirements.

It sure has been an interesting experience in business where significant percentages of staff (90%+) have transitioned to working remotely, yet still maintaining (and in some cases, increasing) utilization/productivity levels. 

Anyway - my intentions with the site remain on track and I plan to revitalize the site in late 2022/early 2023, once again providing valuable posts filled with excellent information for Autodesk software users, CAD Managers and related.

While I have not been active on this site, I am active on Twitter - handle = Cadologist.