Shaun Bryant: A Day in the Life of a CAD Manager

Shaun Bryant: A Day in the Life of a CAD Manager

An Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD Certified Professional with sales, support, and technical expertise and CAD managerial skills, Shaun Bryant has twenty-six years total industry experience using AutoCAD and Revit with a skillset gained whilst working as a consultant, trainer, manager, and user. He has a varied background, comprising of fourteen years as a CAD and facilities management consultant and trainer, three years in sales, pre-sales, and business development, and nine years industry experience as a CAD manager/user.

"Today I’m a CAD consultant and content author for the superb LinkedIn company But back in the day, when I was young and foolish, I was a CAD manager.
I looked after a civil and structural CAD department, with about 25 CAD drafters looking to me for guidance, advice, and (occasionally) leadership. It was a role I look back on fondly, as it taught me many things: organizational skills, managerial skills, and, most of all, patience.

My life then is much different from what it is now. My office was based in a little English town called London and my days were very structured. They had to be for my role at the time.

So here we go. The working day begins…"

Topics include:
  • The Caffeine Injection
  • Upon Arrival
  • Managing CAD... and Everything Else
  • Every Day is Different
  • Getting my Hands Dirty
  • .... and much more!

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