Robert Green: Predictions and Resolutions for Better CAD Management in 2020

CAD Manager Column: Prediction and Resolution for Better CAD Management in 2020

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Greenowner of

"Resolve to manage your resources more effectively, make the most of your budget, and become more involved with IT, and you’ll be better prepared for the challenges coming your way this year.

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for resolutions to be a better, more informed CAD manager. But what are those resolutions, exactly, and what can we expect to see this year? Your mileage may vary, of course, but here are my predictions for the New Year, based on my interactions with CAD managers and my own CAD management experience. I’ll also share resolutions that hopefully will help you meet the challenges we’ll all face in 2020."

Topics include:
  • Management Makes Up More of the Equation
  • Software Budgets Go Under The Microscope
  • Hardware and OS Stability Persists
  • CAD/BIM is More and More an IT Problem
  • CAD Software Becomes More Plugged-In
  • CAD Management Becomes Less Valued
  • CAD Management Stress Continues to Elevate
  • Summing Up - For Now

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