AutoCAD Troubleshooting: AutoCAD Does Not Retain Changes to Workspace or Settings Upon Relaunch

When I restart AutoCAD, my workspace or settings are not being saved? Why?...


When launching AutoCAD or switching between profiles, one (or more) changes previously made revert to default, or to a last-saved state or position. This type of issue may occur with any of the following:
  • A specific setting within the Options dialog box.
  • The user interface (UI) such as the workspace or user profile.
  • Tool Palettes, Toolbars or the AutoCAD Ribbon.
  • User Profile (AutoCAD) is incorrect or has become corrupt.
  • Missing or damaged AutoCAD settings file(s).
  • When using AutoCAD over a remote connection or in an unsupported environment.
  • Invalid read/write permissions in the registry.
  • Due to Third-party add-ons.
  • A corrupt AutoCAD installation.

To get AutoCAD to correctly maintain its settings, you can try the following potential solutions:
  • Get another user to log into your workstation and see if the issues remain. This will assist with pinpointing the issue to a user profile problem or an installation problem.
  • On the command line in AutoCAD, enter the WSSETTINGS command and select Automatically Save Workspace Changes.
  • In the Options dialog box, under the Profile tab, verify the correct profile is enabled. Check the shortcut used to launch AutoCAD to see if it has a /p switch.
  • When using AutoCAD over a remote connection, exit AutoCAD before logging out of the remote connection.
  • Consider saving a custom Workspace (as opposed to an AutoCAD User Profile). Use the WSSAVE command, or click "Save Current As" in the Workspace menu on the status bar. If the Workspace menu is not displayed on the status bar, click the down arrow to add.
  • Disable ANY custom VBA or AutoLISP scripts that have been added to AutoCAD, then restart and confirm if the issue has been resolved.
  • Uninstall third-party add-ons then restart. You may need to Reset AutoCAD to the default settings once again.
If none of the above suggestions resolved the issue(s), verify permissions in the registry (see WARNING below):
  • Exit AutoCAD.
  • Press WINDOWS-R on the keyboard to bring up the Run window, enter REGEDIT and click OK.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk.
  • Right-click Autodesk and choose Permissions.
  • Select Full Control for the user, SYSTEM, and Administrators.
  • Repeat for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Autodesk.
Problems caused by improperly editing the Windows registry could render your computer operating system unusable. 

For more information, refer to the Autodesk Knowledge Network article - CLICK HERE.