Curt Moreno: The Rise of the CAD Coordinator

Autodesk CAD Manager Center: The Rise of the CAD Coordinator

An excellent CAD Manager/Coordinator article by Curt Moreno, award-winning Autodesk University speaker and freelance content created for clients such as Autodesk Inc., Hewlett-Packard and other corporations, large and small. You can follow Curt on Twitter @wkfd.

"Today, the drafting tables have become extinct and the term “drafter” has fallen out of favor. With the explosion of computing power and capability come a whole range of new specializations. Now much of the staff at an engineering or architecture (and countless other) firms are populated by modeling specialists, BIM specialist, IPD consultants, CAD Managers, and many other positions that help to facilitate the amazing design work of the 21st Century.

Among these new positions that is becoming more common in the design world is the CAD Coordinator. While it is a nascent role, all manner of design firms can find the benefit of a role that is filled with staff who with deep production experience under their belts while stepping into the administrative role. After more than 25 years of working with AutoCAD and as a CAD Manager for many years, I have stepped into this CAD Coordinator role myself."

Topics include:
  • CAD Coordinator vs. CAD Manager
  • A Day in the Life

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