Robert Green: Disaster or Teachable Moment?

CAD Manager Column: Disaster or Teachable Moment?

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Greenowner of

""I'm so frustrated dealing with all the same problems over and over — what can I do about it?" How many times have you muttered this question to yourself? If you've been a CAD manager for more than a month, I'm sure you've felt this way more than once. Well, what if I told you that channeling the frustration you experience in the right way could help you solve problems instead of just having to deal with them again? Interested?"

Topics include:
  • Acknowledge and Calm Down
  • Isolate The Cause
  • Identify Who Can Solve The Problem
  • Communicate your Findings
  • Solve The Problem
  • Perform a Quick Cost Analysis
  • Summing Up

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