Mark Kiker: Tech Manager - Eight Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss

Tech Manager: Eight Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss

An excellent article by by Mark Kiker, editor of and Mark is an internationally known speaker and writer, returning speaker at Autodesk University since 1996 and currently serving as Director of IT for SIATech (a non-profit public charter high school focused on dropout recovery).

"I take away a lot from the questions people ask me. They are usually tipping their hand to what is on their minds, if they are not just asking for data or on a fact-finding mission. If it is an open-ended question, there is usually some perspective or stance behind it. When you talk to your boss, he or she may be thinking, like I do… “Why are you asking?” And your boss may actually say that..... I usually ask that same thing to wide-open questions, unless I think the person just wants information. Then about halfway through my dissertation I realize that they are blurry eyed and overwhelmed, so I stop and ask, “What were you wanting?” So make sure you have some backstory behind your questions."

Questions include:
  1. What's Next?
  2. Why are we doing that?
  3. Can I help you with anything?
  4. How did you get to where you are?
  5. How would you suggest I approach this?
  6. What is most important to you?
  7. How am I doing?
  8. What should I be doing differently?

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