Autodesk Knowledge Network: How to Repair a Corrupt AutoCAD Install

Autodesk Knowledge Network - How to Repair a Corrupt AutoCAD Install


Have you experienced an issue where AutoCAD is not running properly, may not launch at all or is not operating correctly? There can be multiple reason why this could occur (something is corrupt, updates or upgrades didn't process completely and/or a system crash).

Typically the easy answer is to complete an uninstall/reinstall, however this is generally very time consuming especially if you have several AutoCAD installs that may be experiencing the issue (i.e.: AutoCAD and Civil 3D installed on the same workstation).


Before attempting an uninstall/reinstall, there are several things  you can try or check first to potentially resolve and avoid the effort of a full uninstall/reinstall.

Menu System

If the menu system - CUI (Custom User Interface) is not working, or the ribbon is empty as in no content is loading, no commands appear to be functioning, no pulldown menus available - you can try resetting or restoring the CUI. Missing menus can be the result of corruption of the CUI or because of user-error when customizing the interface. 

To reset or restore the CUI (aka ACAD.CUIX file) type CUI in the command line, then under the Customize Tab, click the drop-down list titled 'Customizations in all files'. Next 'Right-Click' on 'ACAD' and either select 'Restore' or 'Reset'.

Note: any changes will not take place until after you clicked APPLY and OK.

Autodesk Screencast Recording: Resetting the CUIx in AutoCAD - CLICK HERE.

Reset AutoCAD

A reset can be more effective and much faster than an Uninstall/Reinstall workflow. When resetting AutoCAD, an option to create a backup of existing settings can be completed prior to the reset itself.

For Windows 10, click the Start Menu then under 'All Apps' and 'AutoCAD 201x' select 'Reset Settings to Default'. 

For other versions of Windows - CLICK HERE.

Autodesk Screencast Recording: How to Reset AutoCAD - CLICK HERE.

Note: If this option (shortcut) is not present, you may need to contact your company IT department for assistance as your user account may not have elevated credentials or appropriate administrator access to complete this task.

Accidental Deletion/Alteration of AutoCAD Support Files

A problem may be repairable if the issue pertains to a missing or altered support file by re-running the Installer. To launch the Installer, open the Windows Control Panel, locate the AutoCAD software within the installed programs area and select Uninstall/Change. The Installer will open providing the option to 'Repair' the current install. 

Note: If you cannot access this area from the Control Panel, you may need to contact the company IT department for assistance as your user account may not have elevated credentials or appropriate administrator access to complete this task.

Complete Uninstall/Reinstall Workflow (Final Resort)

If all else fails, or in some cases where the issue can only be resolved using the uninstall/reinstall method, be sure to review the 'recommended procedures' for uninstalling and reinstalling Autodesk software - documentation on the Autodesk Knowledge Network - CLICK HERE.

AutoCAD Knowledge Network - How to Repair a Corrupt AutoCAD Install CLICK HERE