Robert Green: New Year, Old-School CAD Management Wisdom

CAD Manager Column: A CAD Manager's Wish List

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Green, author of Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide and owner of

"When it comes to making smart CAD management decisions, there's much to be learned from looking to the past.... These days, we're so busy managing commoditized computers, tablets, phones, user portals, and the never-ending wave of apps that we spend all our time on websites feeding the machines rather than asking what the machines should be doing for us..... focus on getting back to the core of what CAD management should be; and pass along some old-school CAD management truisms that still apply today."

Topics include:
  • The Mission: Production and Efficiency
  • Keep What Works
  • Replace What Doesn't Work
  • Summing Up

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