Robert Green: A CAD Manager's Wish List

CAD Manager Column: A CAD Manager's Wish List

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Green, author of Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide and owner of

"It’s time to stop wishing and start communicating your desires to your users, managers, and software suppliers. Over the years, I’ve received all sorts of wish list items from CAD managers. These wishes range from CAD software improvements to things we want our users and bosses to know, resources we’d like to have, and a variety of behaviors we wish we could stop. Alas, simply wishing for things doesn’t make them happen; if we want anything to change, we’ll have to communicate our wishes."

Included with the article is an excellent one-page PDF which you can download from the article linked below.

Topics include:
  • To My Users
  • To My Accounting Department
  • To Senior Management
  • To the CAD Companies
  • To Everyone
  • Summing Up

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