"Did you know you can automatically create a DWF (or PDF) when you save (or close) your AutoCAD drawing?" 

AUTOPUBLISH provides the ability within AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based software to automatically create a DWF or PDF when a drawing is saved or closed (or when prompted). Additional settings include: 
  • designating the save location for the auto-published files 
  • content to be included (model, the layout(s) or both) 
  • other settings for output types (single-sheet or multiple-sheet file), layer info, etc. 
Drawing production staff can use AUTOPUBLISH to provide DWF (or PDF) files within the drawing's folder for ease-of-access to other project team members, such as Project Managers that may not have the required software installed to open the design drawings. 

Whenever a file is saved (or closed) AutoCAD will automatically create a DWF (or PDF) within the same folder as the drawing. 

How to enable AUTOPUBLISH within AutoCAD (and AutoCAD-based) Software

Within the AutoCAD 'Options' dialog box, under the tab 'Plot and Publish', you can toggle on AUTOPUBLISH.

Selecting the 'Automatic Publish Settings…' checkbox opens a dialog box allowing for additional configuration.

Auto-Publish options include: 
  • When the auto-published file will be created (on save, on closing the file, or prompt) 
  • Where the auto-published file will be saved (in the same folder as the drawing or a designated folder of your choosing) 
  • What to include with the auto-published file (model, layout, or both) 
General DWF/PDF options include: 
  • Selecting the file format of the auto-published file (DWF/DWFx or PDF) 
  • Single or Multi-sheet file output 
  • Option to include Layer information 
  • Merge control for lines (overwrite or merge) 
DWF data options include: 
  • Option to include block information 
  • Option to include a block template file 
Once you have completed any additional setting adjustments within the dialog box, press OK to save the changes. 

IMPORTANT: AUTOPUBLISH page setup 'settings' are sourced from the current drawing's layout tab (not from an overrides file such as with Sheet Set Manager). You may have to adjust the current Page Setup of each layout should AUTOPUBLISH provide undesirable results. 

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