Autodesk University 2018 - One Month Countdown

T minus 1 Month and Counting.... Autodesk University 2018, November 13-15 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The countdown is on....

Over the past couple months, I have been participating as a mentor in the Autodesk University Speaker Readiness Program. I am mentoring 4 speakers (two industry talk sessions, co-presenters); one group from France/Netherlands and another group from Rockville, Maryland, USA). Looking forward to seeing great things from my mentees at AU2018!!

Regarding my class development, I completed my PowerPoint and Class Handouts earlier this week. My plan over the next month is to focus on the "live" demonstration aspects of my presentations. 

Both of my AU2018 presentations are in the class format "Instructional Demo" so there will be a portion of live (and pre-recorded segment) demonstrations during each class. I feel this class format is very beneficial to the audience to not only keep them engaged during the presentation but to also provide a technical display of the components and entities being discussed during each presentation. 

Hopefully I can get all demonstration content completed within the 60 minute class time allotment, that is my goal for this year's presentations as I ran short of time last year at AU2017.

Tasks Complete
  • Handout Complete 
  • PowerPoint Complete 
Tasks Outstanding
  • Demo Preparation
  • Practice...
  • Pack for Las Vegas!!!!
Regarding a status update on my class presentations for this year:

6 Sheet Set Manager Strategies for Success
  • Class Time: Tuesday, November 13th - 8:00am til 9:00pm
  • Class Link: CLICK HERE
  • Enrollment: 93 attendees registered (as of October 12th)
CAD Managers Guide: Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration
  • Class Time: Wednesday, November 14th - 9:15am til 10:15am
  • Class Link: CLICK HERE
  • Enrollment: 167 attendees registered (as of October 12th)
Autodesk University 2018 is fast approaching.... See you all there and once again, an early thank you to all those that have chosen my classes as part of their AU schedule!!!

See you all in Las Vegas in November!!!!

Autodesk University 2018 Speaker: Chad Franklin