AutoCAD Troubleshooting: Why is Ortho (F8) Freezing up AutoCAD?

Why is Ortho (F8) causing lag/freezing up AutoCAD?


If you are experiencing an issue where AutoCAD (or AutoCAD-based software) 2015-2017 will freeze up when you turn on Ortho (F8). AutoCAD will remain 'frozen' however you can use the ALT+TAB trick to switch to another running program (or desktop) then back to AutoCAD. This will un-freeze AutoCAD, allowing you to continue working.

This issue is related to a the installation of Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update (also known as Redstone 1 Update). There are several solutions to resolve this issue, which I have provided below.


Solution 1: Install the latest updates for AutoCAD
Solution 2: Set the system variable TEMPOVERRIDES to o (zero = off).
  • By turning off this system variable, the issue resolves immediately. This system variable turns temporary override keys on and off for drawing aids. A temporary override key is a key that you can hold down to temporarily turn on and off a drawing aid set in the Drafting Settings dialog box (e.g.: Ortho, Object Snaps, Polar).
  • If you utilize override keys, they will now be disabled as per the system variable adjustment (0 = turning off the overrides).
  • CLICK HERE for more information.
Solution 3: Alternative Workarounds
  • Turn Ortho and other functions off and on using the Status Bar
  • Type in Ortho on the Command Line rather than using the F8 key
  • Rollback the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update (may require IT or other credentials dependent on your company's policy).

For more information, refer to the Autodesk Knowledge Network article - CLICK HERE.