Robert Green: Quality Control for CAD Managers (Part 2)

CAD Manager Column: Quality Control for CAD Managers (Part 2)

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Green, author of Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide and owner of

If you're ready to begin the journey toward a more efficient and error-free CAD work environment, equip yourself with these four tools for quality improvement.

"In this edition, I'll present some practical action items you can use right away to move your quality control implementation forward. And the best news is, none of these techniques will cost you anything. All you need is the commitment to quality you're already trying to foster."

Topics include:
  • What Were Those Concepts Again?
  • Auditor Orientation
  • Andon Implementation
  • Apply Kaizen Afterward
  • Establishing a Deming Team
  • Summing Up

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