Robert Green: Quality Control for CAD Managers

CAD Manager Column: Quality Control for CAD Managers

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Green, author of Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide and owner of

Your workplace may have nothing to do with cars, but processes used in automotive manufacturing plants can help your team produce higher-quality CAD work.

"I recently gave a presentation to a large group of CAD managers on the topic of quality control concepts in CAD production environments. Over the years, I’ve become fascinated with the types of quality control methods used in manufacturing plants, and I figure that there’s no reason those methods can’t work for CAD. After all, shouldn’t we all be striving to produce higher-quality work with fewer errors? Well, it turns out that very few engineers, architects, designers, and CAD managers have a background in quality control theory, so the presentation was quite an eye-opener for both the students and myself."

Topics include:
  • What is CAD Quality?
  • Methods for Flagging and Fixing Errors
  • Make Everyone Quality-Minded
  • The Deming Cycle: Why Wait for Errors?
  • Summing Up

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