AutoCAD Blog: Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets - Plot Using Any Page Setup

Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets - Automate Title Block Data in AutoCAD

The AutoCAD Blog has been publishing a series of articles related to "Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets" for several months now. Previously, Heidi Hewett, Autodesk's AutoCAD Technical Marketing Manager, provided a variety of discussions on creating, organizing and managing Sheet Sets. You can access the library of previous articles HERE.

In this second phase of articles, focus will be switched from creating/organizing/printing to adding intelligence to AutoCAD Sheet Sets.

In the first post of Phase 2, R.K. McSwain discusses the use of External References and Field usage with SSM (Sheet Set Manager).

In the second post of Phase 2, Heather Miller kicks off how to assign sheet set properties.

In the third post of Phase 2, Heather Miller provided step by step instructions on how to create new sheets in AutoCAD using Sheet Set Manager.

In the fourth post of Phase 2, Heather Miller continued the sheet set journey on how to automate title block data in AutoCAD.

In this fifth post of Phase 2, Heather Miller looks at how to plot sheet sets using any page setup in AutoCAD.

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