AutoCAD Troubleshooting: How to Quickly Change a Block's Insertion Point

A previously created block does not have the insertion point set to 0,0... How can I quickly fix this without exploding the block and redefining it?


An AutoCAD block was previously created with an insertion point not set to 0,0,0 . This causes the block to be inserted at a point other than at the crosshairs, making it difficult for users to place the block where desired. 

"As a best practice, blocks should have an insertion point of 0,0,0."


Rather than exploding the existing block and redefining its insertion point, you can use Block Editor to quickly adjust the insertion point.

For more information on AutoCAD's Block Editor - CLICK HERE.

Select the block then Right-Click and select BLOCK EDITOR.

Next, start the MOVE command and select all the block entities. 

When prompted to "Specify base point or [Displacement]' select the insertion point you desire for the respective block.

To move all the block entities to the new insertion point (0,0,0) enter #0,0,0 when prompted and press Enter.

The block will now have its insertion point defined at 0,0,0 meaning that when you (or someone else) inserts this updated block into a drawing, the insertion point will be at the crosshairs making it simple to place as required vs. having the insertion point somewhere else.

Repeat for all blocks that need to have their insertion point redefined.