CAD Nauseam: Why Digitally Sign your LISP files?

Why should you consider digitally signing your custom AutoLISP (LISP) file?


I stumbled across this post today on the Facebook Group: CAD Managers Unite! which I felt was quite interesting and well worth the read for us code writers and/or CAD Managers that deal with custom AutoLISP (LISP) routines.

Steve Johnson, owner of AutoCAD blog: CAD Nauseam explains why digitally signing you LISP files may be a useful and necessary component.

"These days it is standard practice for developers to digitally sign their code. Operation systems and applications are displaying increasingly scary warnings when coming across unsigned code."

Topics include:
  • Avoid warnings using the SECURELOAD system variable
  • Protecting your code from modification or hacks/malware

CAD Nauseam - Why Digitally Sign your LISP Files? - CLICK HERE