Robert Green: CAD Management Trends Analysis from Autodesk University 2017

A gathering of so many CAD Managers in one place provides rare insights into what's happening in the world of CAD Management - now and in the future.

Another excellent CAD Management article by Robert Green, author of Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide and owner of

Robert Green documents his interaction with about 600 CAD Managers during Autodesk University 2017, an international technical conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada (November 14-16, 2017).

"I recently returned from Autodesk University (AU) 2017, where I had a change to interact with about 600 CAD Managers over the course of three days of meetings and classes. This year I participated in panel discussions, and also taught a variety of classes on topics ranging from managing without supervisory authority to using programming to automate software configurations. Between my class duties, offline conversations with CAD Managers, show floor attendance, and talking to exhibiting vendors, I tried to form a broad opinion about the current and future of CAD management."

Topics include:

  • Why AU Represents the Industry at Large
  • As goes Autodesk, so goes the industry (usually)
  • AU Demographics and News
  • Current Impressions, Informed by Informal Survey

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