Autodesk Research - Command Usage Arc Diagrams

Database of over 60 million commands issued by anonymized users, via the Customer Involvement Program (CIP).

I stumbled upon these command arc diagrams late last year. Autodesk's Customer Involvement Program (CIP) collects no personally identifiable information or drawing data. It simply provides information such as what commands are the most popular, and what hardware such as video cards are commonly used. 

For an overview of the Autodesk Analytics Programs - CLICK HERE

You can learn more about how to enable (or disable) the CIP in AutoCAD by CLICKING HERE.

Each of the 200 most frequently used commands in AutoCAD include information on how frequently each command is used, how many people are using it, and which commands are likely to come next. 

For the full (high resolution) PDF and detailed metrics on the AutoCAD usage arc diagram, please refer to the link below.

Note: additional command arc diagrams are available for Inventor, Revit and 3DsMax.

Autodesk Research - Command Usage Arc Diagrams - CLICK HERE