AutoCAD Blog: Shortcut Menus

AutoCAD shortcut menus offer quick access to commands related to what your working on.

In AutoCAD, you can use shortcut menus to quickly access commands that relate to what your working on. By Right-Clicking in various locations of the AutoCAD window, you will bring up a contextual shortcut menu, providing quick access to relevant commands. AutoCAD displays different shortcut menus dependent on where you right-click within the software. These menus can be customized to better suit your drawing habits and to provide faster access to frequently used commands.

This AutoCAD Blog post goes into detail on how to use customize and adjust the settings for the shortcut menus within AutoCAD.

Topics include:
  • Customizing Shortcut Menus
  • Right-Click Settings
  • Additional Information (YouTube Video)

AutoCAD Blog - Shortcut Menus: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD - CLICK HERE