Unreconciled / Reconciled Layers - Explained!

The "Unreconciled / Reconciled Layers" Notification System - How does it work? What does it mean?

Many AutoCAD users simply ignore these notifications or disable the entire notification system, without understanding what they mean.

This tip will attempt to explain the functionality behind the notification system and provide clarity regarding the difference between unreconciled and reconciled layers. Additionally, we will discuss how to adjust the notification system settings in the AutoCAD environment.

What are Unreconciled Layers?

Unreconciled layers are layers that have been added to the current drawing (or a drawing being referenced) that have not been verified by the user. AutoCAD automatically creates a layer list with all the existing layers contained in a drawing. From that point forward, any newly added or referenced layers will be regarded (by default) as unreconciled. The user has the option to review these newly added layers (and reconcile them) prior to the layers being added to the current drawing.

What are Reconciled Layers?

Reconciled layers are those layers in the current drawing that have been verified by the user. These layers were previously categorized as "unreconciled". A user can select any unreconciled layers in the current drawing (or any referenced drawings) and choose to "reconcile" them. This process verifies that the user has approved the new layers for inclusion in the current drawing. One a layer has been reconciled, it will no longer prompt the user, however any new layers added will be regarded as unreconciled until the user has verified them.

How does this Notification System Work?

Users can choose to include this notification system in their drawing environment as a means to monitor and evaluate new layers before they are added to a drawing. This notification system can be useful for a Project CAD Leader monitoring drawing content or for Drawing Production Staff by providing a notification of new layers/content added to drawings.

A layer notification message (in the lower right-hand corner) of the AutoCAD environment will display, including a hyperlink.

Selecting View unreconciled new layers in Layer Properties Manager will open the Layer Properties Manager and filter all the layers in the display to show the list of only "Unreconciled New Layers" in the current drawing (or any referenced drawings).

To reconcile a layer or a selection of layers (select using the Shift or Control keys), Right-Click and select Reconcile Layer...

How to Disable the Layer Notification System

This notification system can be disabled.

Open the Layer Properties Manager (type Layer in the command line) the Left-Click on the gear (top right) which will open the Layer Settings dialog box (as shown in the image below).

In the Layers Settings dialog box, simply toggle off the New Layer Notification checkbox. Once un-toggled, you will see several sections in the dialog box greyed out, meaning they are now disabled.

Other options to disable the New Layer Notification system are:
  • Set the LAYEREVAL system variable to 0 (zero) disabling the option to evaluate new layers when they are added to the current drawing (or any referenced drawings).
  • Set the LAYERNOTIFY system variable to 0 (zero) disabling the Unreconciled New Layers message notification.
  • Set the LAYERVALCTL system variable to 0 (zero) disabling the evaluation and notification of new layers outright.
NOTE: if the LAYEREVALCTL system variable is set to 0 (zero), the settings for LAYEREVAL and LAYERNOTIFY are ignored.

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