Autodesk University 2017 - One Month Countdown

T minus 1 Month and Counting.... Autodesk University 2017, November 14-16 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The countdown is on....

Over the two months or so I have been participating in the Autodesk University Mentoring Program (as a mentee) which has been very impressive. Multiple webcasts have been facilitated by the AU Mentors, including: Preparing Your Session, Delivering an Instructional Demo (format for my class), Creating your Class Handout, Presentation Skills and Strategies, and today's final webcast was on Logistics.

Tasks Completed
  • Handout Complete 
  • PowerPoint Complete 
Tasks To Complete
  • Practice/Dry-Runs
  • Pack for Las Vegas!!!!
The plan for the next month is to practice the presentation, including at least one "live" run with my work colleagues. I am still contemplating about pre-recording some components rather than present everything live as I would rather not sit behind a computer/table for the duration of my class, however because my class format is an "Instructional Demo" there will be a portion of live demonstration that will occur.

Getting excited for Autodesk University 2017!!!  See you all there and an early thank you to all those that have chosen my class as part of their AU schedule!!!

See you all in Las Vegas in November!!!!

CAD Manager's Guide: Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration