AutoCAD Blog: Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets - Why Use AutoCAD Sheet Sets?

Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets - Why Use AutoCAD Sheet Sets? 

For the past 7 years, I have been implementing/deploying Sheet Sets and Sheet Set Manager (SSM) throughout our (the company's) drawing production environment. The learning curve for Sheet Sets is moderate, however it tends to be a very easy 'sell' to staff once they witness the functionality, efficiency and budget reductions (time savings) that come with SSM.

Sheet Set Manager has significant, positive impact on day-to-day project related CAD workflows. As a CAD Coordinator, SSM has been one of my greatest implementations (by far) regarding tools to assist CAD/Drawing Production Management.

Some of the functionality benefits of Sheet Set Manager are listed below:

  • Title Block edits to 'one instance' vs. individually on each and every single sheet!
  • Plot entire sets of drawings, at different sizes and output types, with only a couple mouse clicks!
  • Quickly renumbering and reordering sheets within a drawing set!
  • Automating a Sheet List Table (Drawing List)
  • Automating Block Information (view numbers, callout/referencing, etc.) 
  • As a CAD Project Leader, the ability to edit/update all Sheet Border information while staff are working on the drawings!  
Hands down this tool is a MUST HAVE for any company using AutoCAD (or AutoCAD-based software) and guess what..... if you have AutoCAD installed, you already have SSM!

Sheet Set Manager (SSM) was introduced with AutoCAD 2005 and offers an extremely impressive set of tools. I agree completely with R.K. McSwain (owner of CAD Panacea) and his statement below....

"I can easily say that this is one of the best features introduced in the modern AutoCAD releases (AutoCAD 2000 and later)."

I myself cannot state how important Sheet Set Manager is to a company's CAD Standards package. I highly suggest that you review the following article (and subsequent articles to follow) in this multi-series collection.

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