Troubleshooting: Removing Autodesk Software (Clean Uninstall) Before Re-installation

Autodesk Knowledge Network: Removing Autodesk Software (Clean Uninstall)

Occasionally there are requirements to uninstall an Autodesk product while resolving a troubleshooting/support issue. The act of uninstalling the software usually lands in the hands of your company's Information Technology (IT) system and in some cases, this staff may be unfamiliar with the Autodesk software and its structure.

As a CAD Manager, I frequently have IT staff contact me regarding why an uninstall, then reinstall did not resolve the issue. In my experience, an uninstall then reinstall may not provide the solution as residual files/components remain in-place even after an uninstall (user profile content, registry entries, etc).

One solution I have seen IT implement is to delete/rebuild the user's profile, which commonly causes a day (or more) of downtime and lost productivity/budget for that individual while their workstation is "fixed". Once the user's workstation is back up and running, effort is required to reinstall other software packages, reconfigure software including any Autodesk products, install printers, etc.... all of which tends to be a very tedious process. 

In many cases, deleting/rebuilding a user profile can be avoided using the following guide that Autodesk as provided (link below).

An extremely useful reference guide (provided by Autodesk, via the Autodesk Knowledge Network) is available, which assists with uninstalling of their software products. The workflow ensures that any remaining product files, folders, registry entries are removed outright, setting up the environment for a fresh, clean re-installation of the software, while ensuring that no underlying issues remain as part of the troubleshooting/support issue.

Topics within the guide include:
  • Before Your Begin (including backing up custom files and configurations)
  • How to uninstall any peripheral applications
  • Cleanly and Completely uninstall Autodesk Software, including:
    • Deleting Installation Folders
    • Deleting User Profile Folders
    • Deleting Autodesk Product Entries (Windows Registry)
  • Final Steps before Re-installing Autodesk Products
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