Autodesk University 2017 - Two Month Countdown

T minus 2 Months and Counting.... Autodesk University 2017, November 14-16 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The countdown is on....

Over the past month or so I have been participating in the Autodesk University Mentoring Program (as a mentee) which has been very impressive. Multiple webcasts have been facilitated by the AU Mentors, including: Preparing Your Session, Delivering an Instructional Demo (format for my class), Creating your Class Handout and coming up early October, Presentation Skills and Strategies.

I was matched up with Paul Munford, owner of the website/blog CADSetterOut. An ideal match as I have followed Paul's Blog and Twitter for some time now and have also attended several of his classes in past AU conferences, including ones specific to the topic of "Tool Palettes".

Currently I am approximately a little over half way complete in regards to my class handout, PowerPoint and discussion topics. I anticipate the next couple weeks will be very busy as I've set a soft deadline for draft completion at the end of this month (September).

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has signed up for my class (sold out) and that I am looking forward to presenting to you all. The ability to leverage Tool Palettes to manage Standards and Configuration has been a very successful approach and solution for ensuring all staff have equal access to the company's standards. It is my utmost hope that my class will provide productivity solutions to challenges you may be faced with, as CAD Managers, within your CAD/Drawing Production environments.

See you all in Las Vegas in November!!!!

CAD Manager's Guide: Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration