AutoCAD Blog: Object Grips

AutoCAD object grips offer easy access to common editing tools with minimal clicks and without having to launch a command.

Nearly every object in an AutoCAD drawing includes basic grips, which are displayed at key points when the object is selected. For example, lines and polylines have grips at the midpoint and endpoints of each line segment. Circles and ellipses have grips at the center and quadrants. Blocks and text have grips at their insertion points. Using these grips you and quickly and accurately modify the size, shape or location of the selected object.

This AutoCAD Blog post goes into detail on how to use different types of grips to adjust content within your drawings.

Topics include:
  • Editing with Accuracy
  • Object-Specific Grips
  • Multi-Function Grips
  • Grid Display
  • More on Object Grips (Hyperlinks to additional documentation)
AutoCAD Blog - Object Grips: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD - CLICK HERE