ZombieKiller - Remove Proxy Objects, Easily!!

They must die, why won't they die, why do they keep coming back!!!

I stumbled across program on the Autodesk App Store some time ago and its been a lifesaver (well not for the zombies.... anyway).

ZombieKiller allows you to search for and erase proxy entities and objects from your drawings. Those that have dealt with trying to remove these objects knows how much of a pain it can be, but with ZombieKiller, it's a very, very simple process.

Traditionally, a user could use the AutoCAD command 'AECTOACAD' or '-EXPORTTOAUTOCAD' or a few other workflows such as using a custom AutoLISP routine, a VLX file (called delproxy.vlx) or some additional solutions, all with varying results.

So far, ZombieKiller has been the easiest, most effective way to get rid of these objects from your drawings that I have found.

Two 'new' commands are available once you install the app:

FINDZOMBIES - command search for proxy entities and objects and displays the results in a tree structure (on screen).

KILLZOMBIES - command erases the proxy entities and objects for the checked application in the dialog box.

The program is compatible with all AutoCAD-based software, 2014 through 2018.

Download the ZombieKiller app from the Autodesk App Store - CLICK HERE