Thousands of CAD and BIM Blocks (For Free)

Looking for a specific block or symbol in AutoCAD or other Autodesk applications such as Revit, Inventor, etc.?

I have used this library to source a variety of symbols and blocks for many years. There are literally thousands of blocks available (as of August 1, 2017 a total of 38,869 blocks). 

CADforum - CAD/BIM Block Library - CLICK HERE

Important: Some blocks require that you are a registered member of the website to download. Signup is free....

The block library is categorized into various sections, such as (examples):
  • AutoCAD DWG Blocks and DWG Dynamic Blocks
  • Revit RFA Families
  • Inventor IPT Parts
  • 3D CAD Models
Additionally, you can specify a filter category by discipline (example: Architecture). The library also contains a convenient search feature that will assist in locating the required block or symbol.

There are several advertisements on the website that state 'Download' which can be misleading. Once you click on the desired block, next to the block name and icon/image of the block, click the GREY DOWNLOAD button (as shown below).

Suggestion: As with any content downloaded from the internet, best practice is to run a virus scan on the download. I would also suggest before placing the block into your drawing, that you first open the block ensuring any specifics are in place (layer or color standard, linetypes, purge/audit, etc.). before inserting into your drawing(s).