Autodesk University 2017 - My Class is Full!!

My class on Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration is full....

Checked this morning and it appears my class is at capacity, all 110 seats have been reserved (however I have seen additional classes added or room sizes increased for some classes in the past, stay tuned)!

I am humbled to see this so soon after registration opened (only two weeks ago) and wanted to express my thanks to all those who have reserved a spot! 

As a suggestion based on my experience at AU, if a class is full and because of no-shows, line up outside of a class prior to the starting time and the AU staff will commonly let 10 or so additional people in. Just because a class is now 'sold out' doesn't mean you don't have a change to still attend. If there are no seats available, you can always download the course handout, presentation and additional support files (if available) for any class at AU. Some classes are also webcasted live or recorded for later viewing through the Autodesk University website!

Again, my thanks to all those that have signed up for my class!!!

CAD Manager's Guide: Using Tool Palettes to Manage Standards and Configuration